I am a PhD candidate in political science at the University of California, San Diego. My research is on the effects of political institutions in ethnically and religiously divided societies. I also have research interests in counterterrorism, domestic security, and policing. My work tends to focus on the Middle East. Field work has taken me to a handful of countries throughout the region, including Jordan, Israel, Oman, Turkey, and Egypt. You can view some of my current work on my “research” page.

C.V. (PDF)


Ph.D. (expected Spring 2017) University of California San Diego

Department of Political Science

Committee: Karen Ferree (chair), Claire Adida, Eli Berman, David Lake, Phil Roeder

Subfields: Comparative Politics, International Relations

M.A. (2014) University of California San Diego

B.A. (2012) Rice University, Houston, TX

Major in Political Science with Honors, cum laude (2012)